A good copywriter targets an audience with content first, style later.

How A UK Copywriter Attracts Women. Puppies?

Puppies, right? Women love puppies.

A copywriter always needs to understand his or her audience. There are thousands of ways to split the masses into smaller, more manageable groups of people. Some companies target demographics based on income, employment, family background, and class status. You might even need to target people with particular existing expertise.

But gender is the most obvious way to identify your audience. Not everything that I do as a UK copywriter is aimed specifically at one sex, but – for those times when some copy needs to be expressly aimed at women – these are some of the things I keep in mind.

Can Your UK Copywriter Think Like A Woman?

Although gender seems incredibly broad, a good UK copywriter will approach writing for gender in the same way as writing for class, interests and expertise. It’s the role of a copywriter to get inside the audience’s mind, regardless of sex.

The skill of a copywriter is not to merely target copy at women with cheap emotional tricks, a narrative aspect and photos of puppies. It’s the duty of a good copywriter to know what women want from the copy.

If I am working on website copywriting or print advertisements for a make-up line, I’ll be concentrating on what make-up offers. Does it make you look better? Does it hide your blemishes? Does it make you more desirable to men? Does it make you feel more confident?

Just as with writing for a predominantly male audience, copywriting for women is about finding the most appropriate benefits. Too many copywriters try to do this in their heads.

I prefer to conduct some research, even if that just means asking a real life woman what she thinks.

How A UK Copywriter Targets Women

Targets in a marketing sense, you understand.

Traditionally, there is an argument in advertising that women respond to copywriting that uses fiction, encouraging emotional involvement with a brand. Telling a story, or offering a narrative, is an effective way to engage with female readers.

But isn’t that true of men, too?

The most successful copywriters manage to integrate an emotional sense into their copy, regardless of the gender that they are writing for. Increasingly, in a world where your marketing material can be shared online to extend your reach, the pieces that make people laugh, cry, or think are the pieces that will be spread furthest.

So should a UK copywriter change writing style to suit a female target audience? Yes – but not with fluff. Not by mentioning flowers and weddings and shoes every five lines.

A good copywriter targets an audience with content first, style later.

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