Share knowledge, earn trust.

Article copywriting. An education.

People love to learn. That’s why people read the news. It’s why non-fiction books keep selling. It’s why article copywriting is so powerful. You share your expertise with your readers, and it gives them something valuable they can share with others. It’s at the heart of every one of your customers. People love to learn. But they don’t know it.

You’re an expert. Share that.

I can help you by:

  • Developing a strategy for writing articles and using them as assets
  • Writing online articles that make education more exciting
  • Creating advertorials that combine sales with real substance
  • Making sense of your research and finding even more

Learning in secret. It sells.

Article copywriting is about striking a delicate balance between education and interest.

Nobody wants to go back to school. You shouldn’t be preaching about what you do and what you know. But, at the same time, your knowledge is a valuable asset for selling.

It’s through your knowledge that you can give people something useful for free. Whether it’s tips and advice, or opinion on issues in your industry, a good article has all the learning of a lecture.

But it should never feel like one.

Authority. Make it interesting.

You want to be an authority. That’s how you get people to trust what you say, and come back to you again and again.

It’s also how you position yourself as somebody people should spend money with.

But it’s only when you present what you know in the right way that people will listen.

Article copywriting is authority made interesting. Facts made fascinating. Information made inspiring.

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