Say hello to your customers, wherever they are.

Email copywriting. Read this.

Email marketing works. You can tell people about your latest news. Draw them in with a promotion. Make sure everyone knows what you have to offer. But you won’t be the only one. Email marketing is cheap, so inboxes are full of businesses trying to sell. People are ready to delete on arrival. Make sure they don’t delete you.

Send an email. Make marketing personal.

I can help you by:

  • Identifying new opportunities for email marketing in your business
  • Planning the message of your email and your goals
  • Creating a subject line that catches the eye
  • Developing email copy that keeps people reading and motivates action

Forget content. Start with your subject.

People don’t care whether you’re sending promotional or transactional mail. Until you convince them otherwise, you’re headed for the Trash.

The first step of any successful email is your subject line. It’s the face of your message, the promise of interesting content, and the only way you’ll get people reading.

Any email needs a stellar subject that glides past spam filters and catches the attention of your recipients.

That’s how you set the foundation for your message.

Keep people reading. One line at a time.

You’ve hooked them with your subject line, but it’s not over. You need to do it time and time again.

Every line of your email should work like a subject. You catch attention in the first few words, and hold it until the very end of the line. Repeat that with the next line. Then the next.

People read email everywhere, and time is short. Nobody wants to read your entire email.

But you could ask them to read one line. Then another. Then another.

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