Adverts are expensive. News is free.

Press release writing. Free marketing.

Press adverts are popular. Advertorials are great. But a good press release has something above all of them. They’re free, whether you’re targeting local press or the nationals. Whether you’re announcing news or responding in a crisis. A press release that gets coverage puts your business in the spotlight. It makes your story the news.

Need press coverage? Good news.

I can help you by:

  • Finding the news in your business and an attention-grabbing angle for the press release
  • Writing a journalistic release that’s ready to use
  • Delivering press releases in a format that makes life easier for editors and journalists

Find your news. Make headlines.

You send out your press release.  You get free promotion.

But only if what you’re saying is worth printing.

You won’t always have a big announcement to make. Not everything you do will be interesting to the public. So you need to find a way to make things newsworthy. Your release needs to be timely, and relevant. You need to take what you have and make it more engaging.

It’s a simple rule. If you’re newsworthy, you’ll make the news.

Journalists are stressed. That’s great news.

The average journalist is working on several stories at once. When another press release finds its way into their inbox, it only signifies more work.

Unless, of course, the great article they’ve been looking for is ready for them to claim. A few tweaks, a minor edit, and the story is in print.

The right press release format is expected. It’s a standard that makes things easier to read and organise.

But, crucially, your press release should be written to a standard that journalists would be proud to call their own.

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