You're selling to people. Bring your products to life.

Product description copywriting. How do your products sound?

Print catalogues and online stores make showing your products easy. People can find what they need, and order in an instant. But that’s not enough. Looks only get you so far. Your job isn’t to make a nice window display, showing people the objects they could receive. To sell, your product descriptions need character. You need to give them a voice.

Be less boring. Bag more buyers.

I can help you by:

  • Finding a voice and product description style that suits your brand
  • Making every product’s personality shine through
  • Creating unique product descriptions that are worth reading – and incredibly convincing

Sell more of your stuff. Make every product your own.

One outstanding product description. That’s all it takes to sell one product.

But you’ve probably got dozens. Hundreds. Thousands.

Product description copywriting makes your products unique. Every item needs an identity that stands apart from your other products, and items your competitors stock.

Luckily, products come with their own identities. You just need to tease it out.

Create desire. Sell in style.

With enough personality, a product description becomes more than a sales pitch.

But let’s not forget our priorities. You’ve got stock to shift.

The best product description copywriting combines interest and charm with old-fashioned selling at its purest. People learn more about features, get a feel for the benefits, and get motivated into buying.

Product description copywriting is personality and persuasion combined.

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