Swiped. How great copywriting works. And how to steal it.

Theory’s good. Practicality’s better.

A swipe file brings together examples of excellent copywriting. It’s a way for businesses to see what makes good copy, and for copywriters to develop their skills. It’s learning by example. But it’s not enough just to have one. You need to understand why and how things work. Swiped will tell you.

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If you want new insights into copywriting based on proven success, not theory, Swiped is for you.

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What’s more, I’ve put together a special Swiped post about My Ego and My Copy. In it, I explain how I developed the tone of voice for my very own website.

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Swiped. Stolen copywriting ideas.

Swiped is a new series of blog posts that shows you some copywriting I like, and what I intend to steal from it.

Each post will analyse a specific element of copywriting, attempting to understand why copywriters have made the choices we can see.

From that analysis, you get a little bit of inspiration for your own copy, whether you’re writing it yourself or working with a freelance copywriter.

Big brands. Small details.

To learn from copywriting examples, you need to zoom right in and find intricate details.

Every Swiped post will look at something small – a single dimension of copy. This could be anything from structure to tone of voice, from vocabulary to the use of specific punctuation.

I’ll also be welcoming guest posts from copywriters who have seen a piece of copy they like and want to share their thoughts on it.

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