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A Copywriter Doesn’t Always Sell Things

It’s here again. It’s almost Christmas. And there are things everywhere.

Things to eat. Things to do. Things to wrap. 

As you’d imagine, I’ve written copy to sell a huge range of things over the course of the year – from cars to milk.

But many of my most memorable projects in 2017 haven’t been about selling things at all.

They’ve been about selling ideas.

You see, a copywriter doesn’t just sell things. They sell ways of thinking. And beliefs. And attitudes. And people.

Most recently, I was invited by online tutoring platform Tutorful (formerly Tutora) to help university applicants do just that: sell themselves with words.

In How To Sell Yourself in your Personal Statement, part of The Complete University Application Guide, I cover:

  • How classic copywriting techniques apply to selling a human being
  • Why a claim and then proof is better than proof that builds to a claim (here’s a clue; nobody will read any of it)
  • The importance of talking to people, not institutions

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