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Do You Pay Your Copywriter To Write?

Well, let’s hope you pay your copywriter.

But what exactly are you paying for?

It is the job of a freelance copywriter to write things, of course, and only natural to assume that the fee relates to the words. But why, then, do so few professional copywriters get into messy ‘per page’ or ‘per word’ discussions?

Over at the Professional Copywriters’ Network, members continue to discuss how much different types of work should cost. What are people charging for website copywriting? What is the going rate for a single page sales letter?

But if you’re looking for a copywriter and wondering how much you should pay, think less about the words and more about their purpose.

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Your Press Release Copywriting Is Not Exciting

Cue the fireworks. This piece of news is very, very exciting.

You see, for the first time ever, this company is doing a thing. The thing is incredibly exciting. The company said ‘We are very excited about doing this thing.’

As well as calling on a press release writer, the company also decided to get their copywriter to put together a blog post. The blog post was just as exciting, but less formal. In fact, the lack of formality made the excitement all the more frenzied.

Here is a tip for everybody who has ever issued a press release – it’s not that exciting.

But that doesn’t matter.

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Spare A Thought For Creative Copywriter Orphans

As a creative copywriter, inspiration often  comes without notice – and not exactly when I need it to. A copywriter can write, sure, but also trades on creative ideas. Coming up with the right approach, the best angle, and the ideal way to sell to customers is the most important duty of a copywriter. When inspiration strikes, nothing is more exciting.

But sometimes, getting inspired is a source of frustration.

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Don’t Make Offerings To Copywriting Gurus

Guru Nanak earned his title.

This guy was a radical, from the age of 11. He stared into the face of Hindu and Islamic thought and decided it wasn’t right. In one the most famous stories of Guru Nanak, he announced that people should be judged by what they do, not the threads that they wear. This was the foundation of the Sikh religion.

A radical free-thinker that defined an entire religion. That’s a guru.

Does it really apply to your copywriter?

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With Love From A Freelance Copywriter

Let’s talk about love. Do you love your girlfriend? Your husband? Your children?


I recently saw a lorry delivering the regal bread Kingsmill. I noticed the big photo and pondered the idea that it might just contain one giant loaf of bread. But, more relevantly to a blog about being a freelance copywriter, I noticed the copy.

It said – ‘Love Bread. Love Kingsmill.’

And it got me thinking about my relationship with bread, and in turn the choice of words that we use when selling.

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Freelance Copywriter Interview

As a freelance copywriter, I often need to explain exactly what I’m selling.
More often than not, the answer is incredibly simple – I’m selling me.

If you’d be interested to find out more about the man you get for your money when you contact me for copywriting services, I’ve recently been featured over at the Pro Copywriters Network. The interview covers how I got started as a freelance copywriter, what kind of work I do, and an insight into my outlook on creating great copy.

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Write Less. Do More.

A guest post by Alastaire Allday. 

As a freelance copywriter, I have fought against copy mills, bad clients, price-per-word estimates, and B2B jargon. But now I’m going to take a stand against something more controversial.


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A Freelance Copywriter That Knows Nothing

Smart businesses know the value of a freelance copywriter. They understand that, when it’s time to put what you do into words, the specialist, independent knowledge of a freelancer quite simply can’t be beaten.

But let’s get it straight. This isn’t about the expertise or insight that a copywriter can bring, although that’s important. The reason that companies get what they need from me is not what I know, but what I don’t.

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