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Valentine’s Day Copywriting

Just a quick one from me today.

And what better Valentine’s Day gift could there be?

As a freelance copywriter, I love those opportunities to get creative. Yes, I know – we’re always being creative – but when you get to come up with a snappy heading or a catchy, memorable angle for marketing copy, it’s incredibly rewarding.

But the thing about creativity is that it has to come on demand. I’m a creative copywriter, but – more than that – I’m a tradesman who tries to keep things practical.

As you’ll see in these copy ideas for Valentine’s Day cards.

Copy That Tells It Like It Is

A couple of years ago, I wrote some greetings card copy. Everything from engagements to birthdays. Today, I thought it’d be a good idea to post up two of my favourite Valentine’s Day cards, in their raw, plain-text form.

So, here goes.


1. Card

Front: Valentine, I’ve got a thing for you.

Inside: It’s a card.

2. Commercial

Front: Valentine’s Day was only made to sell cards.

Inside: And I was only made to give them to you.


Who is Your Copywriter Writing For?

Posting these was a bit of fun, really, but as I’ve written this post I’ve realised that they actually illustrate a point worth making.

Audience is everything.

We all know it, but now and then, swamped in a wealth of copywriting, we forget it.

The cards above speak to a certain kind of person. They have a touch of cynicism and, well, that’s the point – there aren’t a lot of cards for those types of people. But, particularly in the second example which is by far my favourite, they match the cynicism with a sweet sentiment.

They highlight those common complaints about Valentine’s Day, but say, above all else, that an excuse to show your love for someone can never be a bad thing.

Whether it’s on a card or a billboard, great copy always connects with a specific audience, however niche. Know your audience, write better copy.


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