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A Freelance Copywriter That Knows Nothing

Smart businesses know the value of a freelance copywriter. They understand that, when it’s time to put what you do into words, the specialist, independent knowledge of a freelancer quite simply can’t be beaten.

But let’s get it straight. This isn’t about the expertise or insight that a copywriter can bring, although that’s important. The reason that companies get what they need from me is not what I know, but what I don’t.

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2012 Summer Sports Related Copywriting Post

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there is a large International sports competition about to start in England’s capital. And they’re being fiercely protective of their brand.

So, here I am, writing the blog post without using the word. Can I even say sports? I’ll take the risk.

In a world where people pay for an event and the related facilities through their taxes but still can’t reap the benefits, I’ve been thinking about how timely copywriting should be. Is it important that copywriting is always relevant to world events, or does timeless copy come from a more distanced perspective?

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Copywriter, Wear Some Trousers

Why is that every so many freelance copywriters are obsessed with their pants?

I’m joking, of course. It’s not just pants. It’s pyjamas, dressing gowns, and every kind of clothing there is.

They talk about their copywriting services – I’m with them. They mention some existing clients – I’m still there.

And then…

“The best thing is that I get to write in my pants!”

…and I’m out.

I’ve literally seen this on dozens of copywriters’ websites. I can’t help but wonder who these people are trying to be.

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Is Your Security Writer Batman?

A masked figure in black lurks in a cave. He embodies fear itself, striking terror into the hearts of thousands. He taps away on his keyboard, building fear with his choice of words.

It sounds like Batman, but it’s a copywriter doing some work for a client in security.

And I’m not sure why he’s wearing a mask.

As a copywriter with several clients in the security industry, I sometimes work hard to invoke fear. It’s a dark art – and perhaps a cheap tactic – but fear in copywriting is necessary for certain clients.

It’s a powerful technique. But is it right to feed a sense of threat in your readers?

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Copywriters and The Truth

Following on from my recent blog post about the value of deception in copywriting, I thought it would be interesting to do an about turn and share my thoughts on the truth.

Lies are essential to the work of a copywriter. But like a magician covering his slight of hand with patter, a good copywriter employs enough truth to make his lies invisible.

Here are just two of the techniques that I use most regularly to reassure readers that the brand I speak for is an honest one.

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A Copywriter With Liberal Commas

If you are looking for a copywriter or working within the industry, it would be understandable to assume that copywriters write flawlessly. But incorrect grammar is everywhere. From website copy to the flyers that drop through my door, I’m continually amazed at the number of errors that get in the way of reading and understanding. […]

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Copywriting With Lies

Truth is a funny thing, isn’t it?

It’s only natural for a copywriter to think that hard facts are the way to sell products and services. Sometimes, honesty is the best policy – after all, nobody likes to be deceived.

Or do they?

Think of the millions of books sold every year, the hours that people spend watching TV drama, or the impossibility of getting a good seat in the cinema on a Friday night. People love stories. People love to be deceived in the right way.

And that’s fortunate, because copywriters are by trade deceptive.

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